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September 9th, 2015

10:59 pm - Rules of the Spirit World

Failure to read the rules before posting may result in DELETION of your comments.

General Kink Meme Etiquette
  • First, and most importantly: IF YOU MAKE A REQUEST, ATTEMPT TO ALSO FILL A REQUEST. Fills are the sunshine and rainbows that keep this happy train moving through smutville.
  • BE POLITE to other fillers and requesters.  This is not a place to air dirty laundry, or start some wank (well, of the bad internet sort).  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.  We're all here for the same thing, after all.  We can all be anon-friends.
  • PLEASE REMAIN ANONYMOUS when posting to the kink meme.   Feel free to de-anon to any of the myriad fanfiction sites or communities, but please remain anon when posting here.
  • COMMENTS ARE LOVE for fillers. Please love your fillers.  They will love your requests right back.
    • Follow the request format: Character/Pairing + Kink/Prompt in subject line, description in the comment body.
  • QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? CONCERNS? Direct your ire toward the MOD POST.

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September 9th, 2014

Golden Rule of the Kink Meme:
If you make a request, also try to fill a request.

Post format: Character/Pairing + Kink/Prompt in subject line, description in comment body
Be civil, love your fillers, and post ONE REQUEST PER POST.

I WILL BE DELETING ALL "SECOND" OR CLAIMING COMMENTS AFTER A FILL IS POSTED FOR THAT PROMPT. This is in order to put the fic front and centre, because the way that the comments collapse means that usually the fill is obscured. Carry on. :)

4/19/11 - Okay, so during the dark ages of modly absence from these parts, LJ apparently decided that anon comments needed to be screened. This has been fixed. I repeat: THIS HAS BEEN FIXED. We can all go back to our happy anon kinkytimes. Sorry about the mess. :)



Thanks, creepstakes!


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11:01 pm - Democracy Tournament -- FIGHT!
Hey! You!

Yes, you!

Wanna help make the kink meme a totally awesome place?

See, I'm totally swamped with paperwork, and sometimes things fall through the cracks (running the Spirit World is no small feat, you know!), so I'd really appreciate all the help I can get in making this place run as smoothly as it possibly can.  This means that if you have any suggestions, comments, concerns about how I run the place, here be the place to leave them!  Comments will be screened, for maximum privacy (feel free to post deletables or comment on concerns you may have, in other words) ON THE MOD POST ONLY, and will be unscreened if I answer you or I feel like it's something that should be available for everyone to see. If you have a question that pertains to the rules, they're over Here!
Thanks, you guys are a big help! And remember, this entry right here, this mod post/suggestion box, is the ONLY place where comments (all comments, too) will be screened. If the main kink meme starts screening anon comments again, send me a comment here as well.

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